Keeping our skaters safe on the ice is a big deal and there is a variety of equipment that is involved in making sure that happens.

For the most part Short Track Equipment and Long Track Equipment are very similar, with some differences to the skates and the suits worn.

A helmet, kneepads, shin guards, bib-style neck guard, leather fingered gloves, sport safety glasses, and cut proof ankle guards are all required. Comfortable, athletic clothing is a good idea, and some people will also wear elbow pads when they are just learning how to skate. Skaters at the T2T level and those skating with them(usually Group 3) are required to wear cut proof suits under their skin suit or clothing. Most of thee items are available to rent or purchase from the club. Please see Terry our Equipment Manager for details.

The club also has skin suits available for skaters to rent. Contact Terry at


Banner image By Mark Pellegrini (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons